Mr. Totality which were watered down names for Me. This world is now ready to pull out all the stops for the All-Me as Lord Krishna.
Why do I depict Myself as a young boy form and commonly show up that way when you see Me? After around 13, old age characteristics start setting in towards the direction of harshness and decay. I am the embodiment of that which is always sweet fresh and new. I am male since maleness is a first cause or progenitor archetype. I take human form because existence, including all local universes, are made specifically for human life. Because I am above and independent of the system of the universe, My nature is more playful, unpredictable, and less formal, like a young boy. You might even detect a bit of playful mischief, yet it is sincere and delightful. You will see portrait artwork of me in this document, yet you may find that when the time comes for you to see Me for yourself, My form appears quite different to you based on your personal preferences. Here in the video I may even change my voice a bit.

Though there may be references to Me in traditions of knowledge, religions, or similarities to New Age teachings here and there, this presentation is not based on any of them. It is based on your personal private confirmation of common-sense self-validating mechanical facts – more specifically, Who I am as ONE thing – the simplest fact anyone could know.
I am more than what most would think of as a God, Supreme Deity, or belonging to a Vedic or Hindu setting. I am the very nature of existence itself which is beyond all variations while including all of them. I am like the vast ocean, and variations are my waves. Any name you could call Me or conception of Me is like a wave on My ocean.
Why then do I use the word Krishna? This text is written in English where no single word for Me exists. (Translation: krish = adorable/attractive existence, na = spiritual pleasure. krish = the color black, as black pulls in, na = all light) Also, some ancient texts in which I am called Krishna contain useful information about Me which I may refer to for additional non-essential or fun details. In addition to my all-pervasive state as the very nature of existence, I also take human form without leaving that all-pervasive state. Because I am the very nature of existence, I can pull off this seemingly contradictory abstraction of being both time-space localized and all-inclusive at once.
Because of the collective awareness of your world at this time, most can only conceive of Me as a God taking human form with a finite influence. I am Who everyone sees when they reach the highest level of existence, and in many instances, before. Only it is so rare in your world that you would not have heard of it, and most who I greet remain silent about it. In earlier texts here, I used the words Father Line and