Sometimes the best way to better comprehend info is by explaining it to others. If you would enjoy the adventure of sharing this knowledge, say, in online forums, your own website, or speaking in public, I can give permission to use my materials for non-profit educational purposes.
This includes my text, images, and videos. I can also offer advice if you’re not sure how to answer questions which are put to you.  All at no cost.
If you find yourself caring too much about what people might think, this is your expansion opportunity to show yourself that you can better express: “All alone, no one else in the universe besides me, all my private dream, what am I doing?” You can test yourself to show yourself that you mean what you say.
If you’re hosting a space, of course you can charge admission to cover expenses, but you wouldn’t take payment for my materials.
For more details or questions, you can email me at

A public reddit community (/r/UniversalLine) is  available.  This is a good place to keep up with the lastest goings-on and supplemental information. There is also a link on this reddit homepage to Discord, a live chat room for UL discussion. I am available on both.